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SamanthaStarfish – Shitting In My Bed ManyVids

SamanthaStarfish – Shitting In My Bed ManyVids

Good Morning!

I’ve just woken up and I have to shit so bad! I quickly make my bed and bend over baring my big, sexy ass for you to see! You can see the big juicy turds trying to get out! My ass looks so good when it’s full of poop!

I squat down on my bed and push and push those big turds out! Out pops two thick round turds! They are short but oh so thick! I love when I push out big thick turds that stretch my ass open!

My asshole is so dirty now! I wish you were here to help me clean it! Since I don’t have any toilet paper, I guess I will have to wipe with my hand! I use my hand to wipe my shitty asshole and then lick my hand clean! Mmmm! It tastes so good! I love cleaning my shithole in the dirtiest way possible!

Enjoy this sexy shitting video!

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