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SamanthaStarfish – Mommys Poop Eating Baby ManyVids

SamanthaStarfish – Mommys Poop Eating Baby ManyVids

Mommy’s nasty baby! Mommy loves you so much! I love that you’re so tiny and helpless. I can do anything I want to you. You just have to suffer if Mommy is mean to you. And I love being mean to the dirty baby!

Mommy is going to be so mean to you, baby! I’m going to make you eat my poop! Yes! Mommy just pushed out a big, smelly load of poo poo! And you’re going to eat it! Eww! Nasty poop eating baby! Lick Mommy’s poop! Taste Mommy poo! Chew it up and swallow it down! It’s so soft and mushy! Just like baby food. This is what Mommy’s going to feed you from now on! Poop and only poop! You better get used to it, you nasty poop eating baby!

Enjoy 💩!

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