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SamanthaStarfish – Found A Strange Girl’s Shit Fat Girl

SamanthaStarfish – Found A Strange Girl’s Shit Fat Girl

I was out and about making some fun public farting and scat porn when I happened across a huge smelly load of shit in a toilet! Some strange girl had left her poop in a bathroom and didn’t flush! The second I walked into the bathroom I could smell the stench! My cunt got wet so fast! I turned my camera on and went to investigate the stranger’s shit!

The toilet the poop is in is so nasty and dirty! I reach my hand into the filthy shit filled toilet and touch the strange girl’s turds! I have no idea who’s shit this is! I know that it’s a girl’s because I’m in the women’s restroom! The idea of playing with a strange girl’s poop is making me so horny!

I reach my hand into the dirty toilet and pull out a nice wet load of poop! It feels so good in my hand. I feel the turd and sniff it! I really want to taste it! I know it’s so naughty and nasty to taste a stranger’s poop but I want to so bad! I stick my tongue out and lick the strange girl’s shit! Mmm! It’s so good! Such a bitter load of poop!

My pussy is dripping now! I put the shit to my face and start rubbing my pussy! I’m going to sniff this stranger’s poop while I am masturbating in a dirty public bathroom! I’m going to cum really soon! I’m getting off on sniffing a strange girl’s shit but what is really going to set me off and make me cum so hard is if I lick this nasty stranger’s shit! I stick my tongue out and touch it to the poop! My pussy explodes into an orgasm!

Oh my god! That felt so good! I can’t believe what I just did! And I can’t believe how good it felt!

Enjoy 💩!

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