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SamanthaStarfish – Five Day Desperation ManyVids

SamanthaStarfish – Five Day Desperation ManyVids

This video opens after three days of not shitting. My poop is starting to build up inside of me. I can feel the need to push it all out but I decide it would be much hotter to hold my shit! I think about how much shit I can hold inside of me! I know it will be tough but I know I can hold it for five days!

I give a little update on day four to tell you how I’m feeling. It’s getting uncomfortable and I’m farting a lot. I can’t help it! I haven’t shit in days! I’m so desperate to get it all out of me! But I have one more day to go…

Finally! It’s day five! I sit on the edge on my bathtub so you can get the best view possible of all the shit that is about to come bursting out of my ass! I am so FULL!

It just keeps coming! Check out five days worth of shit!

It feel so good to get it all out of my ass! I love feeling my asshole stretch open! It turns me on so much!

Do you want to see what five days worth of shit looks like!?

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