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SamanthaStarfish – Extreme Shitting Orgasm ManyVids

SamanthaStarfish – Extreme Shitting Orgasm ManyVids

Two Extreme Videos In One!

Cum So Hard I Shit On Your Cock!

I love getting fucked! I’m a filthy dirty whore who loves cock in all her holes! When I get fucked hard I cum like crazy! Sometimes when I cum so hard, I shit myself! I shit out all over the big, hard cock that’s fucking me!

You don’t mind do you? You know I’m a filthy scat girl! It turns me on to feel my shit flying out of my asshole as I ride your dick. Does it turn you on to feel my hot, smelly shit land all over your cock as I fuck you!

Watch me mount your cock and fuck you until I cum hard! My shit explodes out of my asshole! My poop splatters all over the place! My asshole gets so dirty and smeared with shit! There’s warm shit all over your dick! I love looking at all my poop on your cock! It’s such a hot sight! I want to taste my warm shit from your cock! I stick out my tongue and lick the tip of your cock! Mmm! It takes like your cum and my shit! Delicious!

Ass To Mouth Shit Sex Explosion!

You just fucked my pussy so hard! It felt so good getting pounded by your cock that I had a mind blowing orgasm! When I came I lost all control and shit all over the floor and all over your cock! Now there is shit everywhere! My ass is covered in poop! It feels so good! I know I just came but I’m horny again! I need your cock! Will you fuck my asshole and my mouth even though there is shit all over my ass and your cock!? I promise the poop turns me on! I love the smell and the taste of my shit!

Fuck my asshole! Get my shit smeared all over! Yes! Pound my hole so good and then I can cum again! I love feeling your cock in my holes! The smell of my shit and the way your dick feels inside of me is making me cum again!

Oh no! I’m shitting! I’m cumming and shitting so hard! Look at the wet shit explode out of my asshole! It lands all over your cock! Mmm! It looks so delicious! I need to taste it! I need to suck my shit off your cock!

Watch me put your shitty cock into my mouth! My poop gets all over my face and stuck to my teeth. I don’t care! I love it! It feels so good being a filthy shit girl for you! I need your cock inside me again! I have poop all over my face and in my mouth! Now I need your cock in my ass! Fuck my dirty shithole! Get your cock all nice and dirty so I can suck it again! Yes! It feels so good!

I love having mind blowing shit sex with you!

Enjoy 💩!

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