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PrincessPuckie – Mommys Massive Shit Snack Clips4sale

PrincessPuckie – Mommys Massive Shit Snack Clips4sale

So it was like 10o’clock at night and I had just finished eating most of my takeout, brussel sprouts and a persimmon kale salad. I realized that I had a giant shit pressing against my butthole about to burst out of me but instead of running to the toilet I ran to set up my camera because I KNEW it was gonna be a shitshow!! I didn’t have time to set a plastic sheet down or anything so I just grabbed the rest of my salad and as soon as I started to bend over this THICK SLIMY SNAKE JUST JIZZED OUT OF ME! Seriously some slinky looking shit like real sausage like but soft and like a massive tube of frosting gushing out of me with a fat SPLOOOSH! There was so much of it some of it flung out of the food tray lol. I show off the huge fat dump and spread it around with my fork and talk about how good it smells! What a nice snack for you! You should be healthy, this is so full of vitamins and minerals and my waste.

I turn back around to show off that I haven’t wiped and not only do I have a pretty stinky yellowy greeny butterfly poo print to show off, you can literally see drops of cum hanging in and out of my pussy because I had just cum right before this! I wink my ass and it farts a bit, I spread and talk dirty and wiggle my bum in your face. I turn back to face you to play some more with my food. It smells amazing, so rich and succulent I want a lil nibble! Is that bad? I was gonna save this for you but I’m getting hungry. I spit into my shit salad and stick my tongue out and get a tiny lick of shit and greens on my tongue and swallow it down. I keep picking up big forkfuls of it and then I switch gears! It’s 3:33min and I realize I want to do some roleplay and I’m feeling a lot like your mommy who wants you to grow up healthy and strong. I coerce you into eating my poo because I miss being close to you…I choo choo trainfuls of poo into your mouth and praise you for being a good boy!

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