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Princess Puckie the Shitty Piggy Poop Videos

Princess Puckie the Shitty Piggy

Butt ass naked and doggystyle outside in the sun, I smile at you as my golden piss streams out of me and hits the tarp, running along my thighs and belly. I position myself steady in a doggy squat for a fat hot turd to release and it dumps out of me soft and sausage like….I admire my steamy load and beckon you closer. I grab a clump and begin smearing into my tits while talking about its texture and squealing! This is so insane!! I stink I stink I stink! I massage my shit into my arms and breasts and belly, big globs of poo adorning my soft skin. I clutch another big glob and bring it to my nose for a huge whiff and enjoy my anal aroma. I make a shit print on the tarp like a snowflake, I’m just a girl having fun making a mess like a sweet giggly little piggy! Flies start attacking me! They love my sweet chili bean reek too! You get a million close-ups and angles as I hold the camera close to me, taking you on an intimate tour of my body as you see me get more and more shit smeared all over me and as it bakes in the sun onto my skin like a mud mask! I make sure to use every last dropping of my dump on the rest of my ass…AND TASTE IT TWICE TOO! I lick it from my fingers and tell you I’m so brave haha. I’m starting to get super turned on by shitty piggy mess so I touch myself and rub my clit… but the flies want in on the fun so I eventually escape…INSIDE MY HOUSE! While completely coated in my steamy brown poo! I CUM SO HARD while showing off my beautiful shit smeared body inside my house, enjoying the taboo of being so scandalously shitty inside and getting myself off while my roomies aren’t home…you’ll want to coat me in your cum too when i’m through…

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