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Pooping on the floor desperation Shit for you.

Pooping on the floor desperation with AinaraX

I couldn’t take it anymore! I almost didn’t get there in time to start recording with the camera and get ready! It was the first shit of the day. I’m just awake, that’s why I have that kind of weird face (not one of my best faces, sorry😅) I do a lot of soft and long shit, all at the same time!
A really good load for a tight young girl’s ass, don’t you think?.. 😜 finally released it! I show the shit close to the camera and I notice that my pussy is wet with excitement, so I rub it a bit. It has white juices! then I turn around to face myself and pee until I leave a puddle on the floor. I am naked and wearing black lace stockings.
They make me feel very sexy actually!

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