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ModelNatalya94 – Lets go Poo on each other in the mouth my friend – FullHD 1920×1080

ModelNatalya94 – Lets go Poo on each other in the mouth my friend – FullHD 1920×1080

We with my girlfriend Olga and I love to shit and piss into each other’s mouths, tasting the shit each other’s tastes to caress each other, love for the tongue in ass to her friend, caressing her dirty ass, and she loves to do the same with me. We put underwear and at first we threw a little lesbian show in which we kiss with Olga and I will make ass of Olga panties and start to caress by tongue ass of her friend Olga asks me to lie on the floor and she sits on my face with the butt and caress the anus of his girlfriend with a tongue that I enjoy this process. Olga has asked me to open my mouth I open my mouth and Olga shit in my mouth, my mouth is full of shit, that’s fine and dandy to use my mouth as toilet. Olga sits down again on my face with your ass and I continue to caress the dirty anus of his girlfriend tongue. We enjoy each other, I also want my girlfriend did the same to me, Olga stands up and we’re her first kiss, and after that I’m bent and Olga kiss my ass, then Olga takes off my panties and climbs with his tongue in my ass. Yes, caress me, I want this very badly. Olga falls to the floor and I sit on top of her, and Olga proceeds to their favorite cause, she very much loves to lick my ass, Oh Yes my friend do it, I told my friend that I want to shit, Olga opens her mouth and I fill her mouth with shit, I use my girlfriend as a toilet, pooping her friend a mouth full, I go again on Olga’s face and Olga again continues to lick my dirty anus.

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