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Mistress Anita is back – Diarrhea with GoddessAndreea [FullHD]

Mistress Anita is back – Diarrhea with GoddessAndreea [FullHD]

IT SEEMS that the wait is over. Mistress Anita has returned to filming. The most awaited return of a Romanian scat Goddess who loves to make her toilet slaves eat all her divine shit happened today. After about a year and a half break, Mistress Anita recorded a new clip with her diarrhea, as in the good old days. This time, much more professional, the film is made with 2 cameras, gopro max and Huawei P30 lite. You can see from 2 angles what happened today, namely: the mistress appeared only in a transparent black robe, with black panties with transparent red. She waited for her shitty slave to come and feed him. After a long wait in which he missed his mistress, he thanked her for thinking of him to be the lucky shit eater of her first kaviar.
But, the surprise: it was a huge diarrhea, which filled his mouth and made him choke, trying to swallow it as all the slave toilets of the Mistress Anita must do ! You can also see how Mistress let the slave lick her vagina through her panties and how she made fun of him, making him drink her piss directly from her pussy, through her panties. Then she made him dry her panties with his tongue and suck on her piss, to be sure that it would stay with her taste in his stomach for a long time. Along with a few scenes of adoration of the feet, of the shoes with high heels and some beating, otherwise you can see how the mistress expels WITH FORCE ALL HER DIARRHEA directlyinto the hungry mouth of the toilet slut. A perfect movie, as your Mistress Anita has been accustomed to for the last 6 years!

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