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MFX-930 Yummy Diarrhea Picnic Latifa

MFX-930 Yummy Diarrhea Picnic Latifa

You’re invited to be part of the kinkiest picnic ever!!! However, you might notice our food is just a little bit different because no one remembered to bring the fruit basket!! They are starving and dangerously loaded with lots of scat/piss/vomit. And what is it about girls out in the wild that really gets them turned on? Well scat and diarrhea fans, can you guess what happens next?!?!
Our girls team up in a fantastic lesbian orgy that is intensified by the incredible amount of diarrhea and ass licking that goes and the beautiful outdoor surroundings really help set the mood. The girls don t stop! They ll beg for more!! All the deep Tongue penetration and finger digging in assholes for more scat makes this unforgettable!! And if 60 min. is not enough, not a problem!!…

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