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MF-7816 Milla, Babi Ventura – UNTIL SHE SHITS Newmfx

MF-7816 Milla, Babi Ventura – UNTIL SHE SHITS Newmfx

Babi wants to shit, but she doesn’t want to do it on her own and needs an incentive for it. Therefore, she calls her slave Milla to receive some good treats until she is comfortable enough to release her waste. Babi gives the orders and Milla starts at her feet, kissing and caressing, climbing her legs to the inner parts of the domme. The slave kisses, sticks her tongue and fills Babi’s pussy with saliva, who moans and loves the pleasure. The sucking passes to the ass and it is soon after that that the domme feels the urge to piss and shit! She makes Milla drink all the yellow piss and eat all the pasty shit, all wastes from her body! Milla has a full digested meal, and when she complains, Babi forces her eat and drink more! Wow!

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