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MF-7383 Grazy, Saori Kido – SHITTY PUNISHMENT Newmfx

MF-7383 Grazy, Saori Kido – SHITTY PUNISHMENT Newmfx

Grazy is probably the sexiest mistress you will see today and she is very picky about her shoes. Her slave Saori had one job: to buy her new high heels. But Grazy hated so much! At this point, all that Grazy feels is anger, that she will use to punish that stupid girl. She starts by trampling on her slave with those awful shoes than she spits all over Saori’s face while standing on her chest.
After that, the punishment only gets harder and extreme. Saori will eat cigarette’s ashes, lick her mistress’ asshole and much more. When you think Grazy had enough, she gives Saori a very special meal that is coming from inside her intestines and finds the way out through her ass! The place gets a real mess with that big amount of shit spread all over Saori’s hot body. Don’t miss this hard scat film!

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