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MF-6068-1-1 – Carol Castro, Bruninha – CAROL’S SHIT PUNISHMENT

MF-6068-1-1 – Carol Castro, Bruninha – CAROL’S SHIT PUNISHMENT Newscatinbrazil

Today, Carol got her domination to another level. Tired to be harassed by Bruna, she decided to punish her with a very hard domination. Carol dominates Bruna, washing the poor girl with much piss. Bruna was forced to take a shower with the piss, washing the face and hair. Carol pissed into her mouth and forced the girl to drink all. After a great humiliation with piss, not satisfied, Carol decided to make a shit in Bruna’s mouth. Bruna was very humiliated, forced to swallow the kaviar, she had her boddy completaly dirty of scat. Amazing

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