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Loud farting from three friends girls have fun

Loud farting from three friends – ModelNatalya94

Welcome, our dear fans. In this video, you will see our big asses and hear a loud fart. Yana, Alice and Carolina bought a pump and decided that it was time to use it. The girls stripped and released their asses and they will use them as a musical instrument. First there was Alice, she was the first to set up her ass for using the pump. Jana pumped Alice in the ass, and then Alice let out a loud fart when she let the air out of her ass. She didn’t go to the toilet and that’s why the shit and urine came out with the air. She stood on Caroline and therefore all the shit and urine poured on the body of Caroline.
Then Yana was pumped with air, and she also let out loud noises from her ass. Next was Caroline’s ass, she was also pumped with air, and along with the shit, this air broke out. Splashes scattered in different directions and fell on her friends. Yana, Alice and Carolina really enjoyed this fun game. We hope to use this pump more than once and make a video for you!

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