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Little Black Dress, Heels And Chocolate Banana Stuffing Miss Anja

Little Black Dress, Heels And Chocolate Banana Stuffing Miss Anja

I love being classic, elegant and sexy at same time. Oh before I forget to mention I love being kinky and naughty too. So this is the reason I wear my LITTLE BLACK DRESS without panty and classic pump heels on. My dress is pretty tight and show exactly enough to make you horny. In my ass a pink plug and I don’t shy to show you upskirt. I take the time to tease you for long time show off high-heels , long legs, pretty plugged ass and lot of upskirt while talking dirty about my ass, shit hole and poo. I love when you’re thinking of me, I love when you’re watching my stinky dirty ass, I also love when you’re sticking your nose on my poo hole and smell it all over. I encourage you to keep sniffing me and standing I play with butt. I guarantee if you smell my ass your dick gets even more hard. I sit with legs high up (heels view just great) and I keep to stretching my asshole.
You’re my horny boy who can’t wait me shitting. So definitely time to return your attention and I’m shitting such a big dark perfectly creamy shit for you. Playing a bit more with plug and keep talking sexy, dirty how much I love spending time with you. You’re my slave and I love treating you on any way. This is the reason I have 2 small banana to make you even more happy and surprise with such a sweet chocolate covered dessert. I still sitting on the chair with legs wide apart, heels on and stuffing banana and pushing in and out in and out. I let it in to covered by some chocolate and pushing out the first one. Yummy sweet treats. Open your mouth and take it now. I do stuff the second one too and repeat the same play and pushing out to giving both. These chocolate bananas calling you to eat so bad. Why don’t you grab it and eat them right now

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