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Its a Monster! Upset Poo with MissAnja [FullHD]

Its a Monster! Upset Poo with MissAnja [FullHD]

Today I feel upset and I’m in emotional mood. I have strong cramps because my period it’s on the way but it didn’t come on yet. So I’m in waiting status but also didn’t poo 2 days ago. I can’t hide away my mood so just describe it. I can’t lie so telling the truth only. Have days like these in every women’s life and by my part love it even if suffering on the first day

s before bleeding. But talk about something nasty and big. I wear a cute thong on and tease you by my ass, poo is just gape asshole and realize how big will be. I felt can’t hold it and this part filmed in POV to ensure close up crystal clear view to asshole. I leave the thong on and push this monster poo out. OMG…. It’s a serious monster and was so hard to push it out. Half part of it’s hard the rest of is creamy. But I still want to playing and cleaning out my ass so grab few of mini enemas and start to filling my ass with the first one and get cramps quickly I need to release it. Thong still on and my ass squirting out enema liquid. Let’s fill up with the next 2 bulb and waiting for squirting out. This the explosion was a bit bigger and then I keep staying in doggy and pull aside the thong to admire my super swollen asshole. Mucus liquid leaking out of and I’m still in pain. Well today I went through on so much pain but my ass got cleaned out at least. At the end I remove the thong and hold in hands to take a look how shitty and mucus from my ass. Have fun. Little note: In the video I use small special liquid filled enema bulbs not the big enema bag of mine. Small but even more dirty my panty then.

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