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I was defeated MilanaSmelly Toilet Slavery

I was defeated.
Today I was defeated, I am very displeased with myself! The first came to me Yana, she ate fish and kiwi, I felt the crunch of bones in my mouth. Yana poured a large amount of diarrhea into my mouth. When Yana started to shit, I took 4 big sips, but there was a lot of shit and it fell on the table. It is very difficult to keep liquid and warm diarrhea in the stomach and I immediately began to feel sick! I swallowed relatively quickly. Yana used me and left with pleasure. I hear the sound of the heels of the next girl, I don `t know who the next girl will be – Christina or Karina, but I’m already scared, because both Christina and Karina are very hard to swallow – Karina has a lot of it and it is hard and a little sweet, Christina almost always liquid and has terrible taste. Yana’s shit is also terribly difficult to swallow, but she was the first and I was empty. Karina came into the room with a smile and laughs – she is in anticipation of bliss, and with horror I am waiting for the next huge pile. I did my best! But at a certain point I was very beginning to feel sick and my throat refused to swallow. I used a stop word. Karina put the remnants of shit in my mouth and left. Then Christina entered the room. Despite the fact that I could not swallow, Christina made her urine drink and began to shit. I tried to start swallowing again, but when I felt the taste of her shit, I realized that today I was completely exhausted. Christina was unhappy, spat on my face and left. But most of all I was not satisfied with myself. I could not be a decent toilet for girls

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