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HJ-055 Jade Large urination!

HJ-055 Jade-net-home Company’s briefing voyeur: pee patience and limit breakthrough of the OLs. VOL. 2.5

A company information session is literally a meeting to explain the business contents of a company. The recipient is desperate not to give a bad impression and not to act in a conspicuous manner. A voyeur aimed at women with unusual feelings. The targeted women gradually get urged to urinate due to the long tension at the briefing session… As soon as the company briefing session is over, the women rush to the bathroom with a fierce dash. There is only one destination for women, and there is a line of women competing for each other. The woman who managed to put it in the toilet suddenly burst into the toilet seat as soon as she landed on the toilet seat and pierced the toilet bowl! Large urination! Please take a look at the pee relay of Kasashi’s rapid succession.


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