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Gonna feed you shit, my happy toilet Natalia Kapretti [FullHD / 2020]

Gonna feed you shit, my happy toilet Natalia Kapretti [FullHD / 2020]

Crawl my toilet slut, crawl to me my living toilet bowl. I want to play with you. Kiss my legs, lick my pussy and ass, soon I will want to shit and my shit will definitely be in your mouth. Yes, that’s it, lick me from top to bottom. Your sharp little tongue tickles my insides so nicely. Stand up on knees, now I’m gonna fuck your sweet ass. You shit yourself, shit right on the floor, and I’ll keep fucking you in your dirty ass. Oh, how I like it, the ass oozes liquid shit. Lie still, you need to be flogged for prevention. Well, well, don’t pout your lips, you are my depraved innocence, my slut, my happy toilet. And I want to shit in it. Get on your knees behind me and take the shit out of my ass. Yes, even deeper, insert your fingers, even deeper. Oh, you put your hand up my ass, this is my first fisting. How nice, work hand in my dirty ass. Yes, it’s a buzz, I’m cum now. And now eat all the shit in your hands my dear, You know I’m going feed you shit anyway

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