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Forcing Shit In Your Mouth

Forcing Shit In Your Mouth with evamarie88 [FullHD / 2020]

You have one purpose in life and thats to be a shit eater……
Im going to make you my shit slave but not being all easy on you im going force it into your mouth make you gag and choke on my shit!

I bend over make you sniff my shithole….. Sniff it! I then make you lick my asshole tasting that warm load from the inside before making you open your mouth and shitting a huge load of my shit into your mouth!


Ohhh Your not doing as i say….. well your going to regret that i pick it up and ram it down your throat, forcing more and more into your lips and mouuth till you are forced to swollow!

Now you really are a dirty shit eater and this is just the beginning im going to use and abuse you for my own enjoyment your only purpose in life is to digest my shit and be a toilet pig

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