FF-662 Female Student vs Office Lady Extreme Pee Part-5

FF-662 Female student vs office lady. Extreme pee endurance showdown!

The battle between a pretty female student and an office lady dressed in formal wear begins! Betting a woman’s pride on the rule that the one who leaks urine first loses! Their bladders were swollen as they quickly started greeting each other. As she completes numerous missions such as hula-hooping and limbo dancing, her bladder becomes weaker and her speech becomes rougher. The urethra, which had been straining to hold it back, finally gave out, and a huge amount of pee was released all at once, making a gurgling sound like a deluge! “Oh no! Don’t look at me!” she screams in a sad voice, but the pee leaking out doesn’t know when to stop. Of course, there is a penalty game for the women who lose! The two of them are holding back their pee in extreme conditions and it is out of control. You are sure to find a woman you like in this way.



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