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FF-600 Friendship of two girlfriends was put to the test.

FF-600 Friendship of two girlfriends was put to the test. Poop catching challenge!

Ask a female duo to appear on the street. At first, we asked them to try a simple game with a prize, and when they were able to relax their vigilance, they announced their plan! The content of the surprise project is “Two friendships that will be put to the test: Friend poop catching!” The two people who were there were puzzled by this content with a wry smile and expected shame. However, if you clear this, you can get a large prize money. The sound of excretion that echoes with the drifting odor “Merimichi”. Could there be more shame than this? Will the two of them be able to overcome this game of friendship and get a large prize money? Take a look at the ultimate shameful excretion!


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