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Enema Cocktail part 1-2 with dirtygardengirl [FullHD]

Enema Cocktail part 1-2 with dirtygardengirl [FullHD]

I have kinky dirty fun RolePlaying Mistress dirty Donna to my Scat slave Mary. Tightly tied tits and a very plump pumped up ass ring start us off, then I insert water up my dirty ass and spray it out into a bowl, a few times creating nice dirty mixture. I take some of the poop from the bowl and rub on my hard purple tits and smear on plump ass hole. Then I insert a banana into my ass and put pump back on my ass ring.
*this vid in its entirety too large to post as 1 vid without loosing quality so you must go on to part 2 to see what happens next.

With a banana up my ass and pumping ass ring plumper I tease my scat slave from above. Remove pump and shoot banana out (roleplay) into her mouth, Then push the banana back into my ass and shit it and more dirty enema water out into the bowl. I show my slave how I want her to eat the ass banana. Then wash down with some dirty enema water, I eat the remaining piece of banana and some shit and then drink up all the dirty water from the bowl. I take the bits of shit left in bowl and smear on my lips and tongue, then smear the shit and banana slime on my fat ass lips and prolapse pushing out the remaining filth from my ass.
*this was too large a vid to post as one without loosing quality, See part 1 to see how this begins.

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