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Eating girl’s shit as showing of love with MilanaSmelly [FullHD]

Eating girl’s shit as showing of love with MilanaSmelly [FullHD]

Today, before meeting with Mistress Karina, I could not find a place for myself.I have been knowing this girl for a long time. She is my Mistress, she poops in my mouth and I eat her shit, I drink her urine and lick her ass. She lashs me and humiliates me. However, she is very attractive to me as a girl. The day before, I had not slept all night and was very worried before the meeting, because I decided to take courage and confess my love to her. Today I received an invitation to her country house. I had to come at a certain time and serve mybeloved Mistress. At the moment, when I massaged her feet, I said all words thatI wanted to say to her. However, I did not receive reciprocity. Karina had ridiculed me and had humiliated me in full.
She didn’t see me as a Man. I was only fit to eat this beautiful girl’s shit. At first, I was bitter and hurt, I felt humiliated. Karina consoled me by letting me smell her panties and treatingme to shit, which this time was very tasty and fragrant. I enjoyed the sight of her attractive anus prettily opening and releasing turds that filling my mouth. Karina was shitting for a very long time. The grapes and bananas, which the girlate the day before, tasted good, and I even felt grape seeds when chewing. When I ate all the contents of her intestines, I was allowed to lick soiled anus, andthen wash down with urine from the glass into which Karina had peed. From today’s meeting, I concluded that I love Mistress Karina as a girl, but I express this love in a special way. I love being a slave to this girl and I likeserving her as a toilet. And this is a special kind of love.

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