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Chocolate cake from 3 Mistresses with MilanaSmelly [FullHD / 2020]

Chocolate cake from 3 Mistresses with MilanaSmelly [FullHD / 2020]

Recently, my meetings with the Mistresses do not occur very often. The festive bustle before the New Year holidays leaves little time for entertainment with a slave. I really miss these meetings, and really lack the fragrant treats that I usually get from beautiful women’s asses. However, today’s call from Christina made me very happy. And I was doubly happy because she told me that I would have to serve three girls today as a toilet. When I came to them, the first thing I was having to make massage and lick their feet.
Feet of each of 3 girls. Mrs. Christina, Victoria, and Lassie humiliated me in every way. They used to call me “dumb cattle”, “scum”, “dumbass”. However, in honor of the upcoming New Year holiday, they decided to make an original treat for me. It was a chocolate cake, consisting of their shit, and the process of its preparation took place before my eyes. I watched the poop crawling out of beautiful female anuses, I sniffed their fragrant farting, and I was happy with all this. I had to completely eat this big pile of female shit, and then I was having to lick the plate. I had a double feeling. On the one hand, it was very difficult to do. But on the other hand, I was happy.

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