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Carolina has two slaves on a leash Jean Pooping.

Carolina has two slaves on a leash.

In this video you will see three of us: Caroline, Alice and Yana. Alice and I are dogs and slaves, and Caroline is our Mistress. We sit and we are wearing leashes. Mrs. Carolina takes us and leads us around the room. We do not resist. Today we love our Mistress. She held the first Alice for several laps around the room, you will see her swinging ass, then just like that held me on a leash around the room. Showed you all our charms. Then she took the bowl and put it in front of us. We were in anticipation, because we knew we were waiting for a big pile of shit. The first one peeed and poked Carolina, then Alice added her urine and shit to Alice, and only later did I defecate. There was a lot of shit, absolutely like urine in a bowl. And Carolina dipped us in a bowl with her face so we ate this shit. Yana was the first to eat, poop was still warm and I felt warm on my face from them. Then ate Alice. But we didn’t eat all the poop, and Caroline poured the rest of the mixture on Alice and me on the chest. Today we were obedient dogs of our Lady, but she was kind to us today !!!

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