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Big enema for my slave

Big enema for my slave MistressAntonellaSilicone

Mistress Antonella is amazing, she wears a very nice black dress, black fishnet stocking and black stiletto shoes.
Mistress Antonella decides to perform an enema to her slave. For that, she ties up the hands of her slave in the back, and installs him in doggy position. Then, she uses a medical anal device for 1 liter of water. For this enema, she uses hot water in order to make a more efficient enema with best effect.
After 1 liter of hot water in the ass, her slave can’t wait to empty it.
But when Mistress Antonella authorizes her slave to empty, he makes like a geyser, so she so she’s mouthing her hole with a finger.
After that, she obliges her slave to empty in a basin in order to humiliate him even more, wowwwww

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