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Awareness itself and first steps toilet slavegirl with Mistress Natalia Kapretti

Awareness itself and first steps toilet slavegirl with Mistress Natalia Kapretti

Good day my darling fans! Today I present you, collection of 4 films with my slave girl. These are her first steps as she realized herself, as she got used to shit, as she became a toilet slave girl step by step. Watch and enjoy. Love You all! I work for You.
1.Slave girl shitting on the toilet seat
My slave girl wanted to take a shit, and I decided to have some fun. She was shy, but she was interested and exciting to shit in public. With the grimaces, the little farts, she still gave birth to her shit.
2.Masturbation in shit
Slavegirl shit herself and masturbates. I teach her to taste shit, both my own and her own.
3.Slavegirl masturbates and poops
My slavegirl talks to her girl friend and Masturbates. Tells how she likes to obey and be my slave. She’s my toy, my toilet paper,my toilet. Let fingering, soon she will eat a hearty lunch. Having finished, she wanted to shit, but she is still excited and her juices flow along with the shit.
4.Slave girl real pig
After whipping in the woods she pee, sitting, smeared face of shit and full of snot. You filthy beast!

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