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Alice and Carolina lick ass with ModelNatalya94 Lesbians Poop

Alice and Carolina lick ass with ModelNatalya94 Lesbians Poop [FullHD]

My dear, beloved friends. Today in this video you will again see Alice and Carolina, the girls will lick the dirty anus to each other. Karolina and Alice are very beautiful girls, they are completely undressed and ready to please you with these filming. Alice lies down, Carolina kneels beside her, she lifts Alice’s legs up and starts to lick Alice’s pussy and her anus, Alice really likes it, she gets an orgasm and from this begins to crap right into Karolina’s mouth. Carolna does not depart, but on the contrary takes Alice’s poop in her mouth. Then she carefully licks Alice’s anus and her clit.
Then the girls change places and Carolina lies down, and Alice is now already licking her anus and clitoris. Then Carolina also poops and pees, and Alice takes poop in her mouth. She swallows some shit and licks Carolina’s dirty anus. Girls love the smell of warm poop and love to taste each other’s shit. We all, as you remember lovers of shit. We will delight you with good videos again and again. Be with us, our loved ones.

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