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[ACZD-029] Treats Girls Suffering From Sickness

[ACZD-029] Treats Girls Suffering From Sickness Mami And Hana

Hana, who has to stay at her cousin’s house for the exam, gets nervous and makes a rough appearance in her cousin’s bed. The pajamas she borrowed got wet with pee. However, the nurse’s cousin took care of Hana, who was at a loss in front of the world map, with a familiar hand. Then, Hana is put on an adult paper diaper as a first aid for bedwetting and leaks a lot of it. Her urethra is carefully inspected, her servant gropes her ass hole under the guise of “training the anal sphincter,” and even her embarrassing training is forced. Yes, her cousin was a perverted older sister who loved leaking girls. She doesn’t know that, and in the end she gets a pretty paper diaper, and Hana is treated as a baby and pees again while holding her baby bottle. However, her feelings of Hana are rustling in inverse proportion to her humiliation. She puts on a paper diaper and makes her breathe in something of her mysterious pleasure of leaking …

[ACZD-029] おねしょに悩む女の子を治療します


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