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ACZD-011 Humiliation Torture Document Scatology

[ACZD-011] Humiliation Torture Document Scatology Amane Uran

Ever since I woke up to sexuality, I’ve noticed that I get aroused by humiliating situations. He says that being scorned, abused, humiliated and raped is more intense than normal sex full of love. It is the insulting play that RANA gets excited inside. She has a desire to be covered in her own excrement and other people’s excrement and be treated like filth instead of a human being. “Usually I’m doing a normal job, but I really wanted to be humiliated and humiliated, so I came to the world of maniacs. I’ll do anything for that.” done with hope. He volunteered to accept any inhuman pain and disgrace as long as he was treated like a rag. While fulfilling the earnest desire of such a perverted masochist girl, I decided to raise Uran into a splendid masochistic slave girl with torture training. Exposed office walk, penis toilet service, whole body scribble, paddle hitting, whipping, hot wax torture, barbed wire bondage, mass enema, open leg hanging defecation, group urination, foul smelling packing… A full course of extreme torture. Please take a look.


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