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A sweet tooth with experience!

DirtyBetty – A sweet tooth with experience! – New VIP Scat 2023

I have been sucking his dick since 2010.
I have been swallowing his cum since 2011.
I’ve been smearing shit all over my body since 2012.
I’ve been playing with shit in my mouth since 2013.
After another 8 years, I became a real…
weirdo sweet toothy girl! (milf?)
I need more chocolate, I want to push it in my mouth and swallow the tart brown saliva, inhale the aroma and feel it on my lips.
I’m throwing all the available vitamins, healthy foods, and other dietary supplements into this guy. And later I get real monsters, my cheeks are about to crack and my mouth is full of nutritious shit that I push deep into my mouth with pulsating cock and get my portion of sweet and warm sperm!


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